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a view of a lake with blue sky

Best Day Trips from La Quinta

Nothing is more romantic and enchanting than a desert oasis. At La Quinta, there’s a lot of things to do -- from grand hiking trails to historical towns and curious art pieces. Here’s a list of the best day trips you can take from the ...

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two pillows on a couch

Top 2021 Home Design Trends to Watch

The stay-at-home directives that defined much of our life in 2020 has made everyone redefine the place we live in – and why we need to give more thought to home design. Going into 2021, experts predict trends will be about making home...

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Palm Springs area country club golf course.

The best Palm Springs golf courses with a view

The desert city of Palm Springs is one the top locations in Southern California and it provides plenty of charm. Palm Springs is home to many fantastic golf courses that are highly rated, and set against the backdrop of wonderful mountain v...

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Palm Desert Resort and Golf Community

Why living in a golf community is a great idea

Sprawling and well-maintained greens, a vibrant social community, and mild climes readily come to mind when the topic turns to golf communities. Despite the sport-specific community name, both golfers and non-golfers can readily find value ...

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Interior of modern living room with white fabric sofa, coffee table and plant over blue wall 3d rendering

2020 Home design trends to watch out for

Planning to liven up your interiors? Take it one step further and update your home’s look and feel. While you don’t need to hop on the bandwagon of every interior design trend in 2020 to maintain a beautiful home, picking up some of these w...

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Interior design in a new house

Feng shui your way to a faster sale

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of organizing space and people for ultimate harmony. It is all about directing the flow of energy in space to promote well-being and create an inviting atmosphere. If you want to sell your La Quinta real...

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Experiment with color in your home

What could be more exciting than shopping around for a luxury home? Easy – decorating one. Once you’ve found your perfect home, you can finally get down to the business of fixing your space in the style you want. One of the things y...

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