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The Residence Club at PGA WEST – Fractional Ownership


Home ownership: all the fun, none of the worries.

How’s this for a concept? All the benefits and amenities you could dream of, minus the worries of solo home ownership. Own your own piece of real estate, yet pay only for your share of use. You have a one-quarter or one-ninth undivided, deeded interest in a luxe residence located in a superb golf community. All this without the financial commitment that comes with traditional home ownership. Even more, you benefit from convenient and flexible use of your fractional real estate — as well as all the club’s amenities — at just a small fraction of the cost. Sound great? We think so too.

Unlike typical timeshares, The Residence Club at PGA WEST(R) guarantees you a minimum of 28 days every year at any of the Club’s area villas. Once the owners select their weeks, everything else is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Comfort and luxe.

Everyone knows that being on vacation, while relaxing, can mean that “feeling at home” eludes you. At The Residence Club, you have a familiar, beautiful home awaiting your arrival. Better still, your vacation villa is professionally managed and maintained. It includes a PGA WEST Premier Sport Membership, concierge service, 24-hour security, a fitness center, clubhouse pool, spa and exclusive access to luxury resort destinations around the world.

Value beyond measure.

Owners at The Residence Club at PGA WEST(R) enjoy a vacation experience that offers the best of all worlds. With PGA WEST’s signature quality, your home is beautifully furnished and taken care of, with complete maintenance down to changing the light bulbs. Plus you have access to every amenity imaginable: exclusive golf courses, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and more. Your five-star service includes everything from a bellman, housekeeping, grocery delivery, and a concierge at your service. Better still, you enjoy the ultimate in privacy and security with a private villa in a 24-hour gated community.

In addition, you have access to locations around the globe with our vacation exchange program. For value beyond compare including all the amenities, at just a fraction of the cost of traditional vacation home ownership, learn more about The Residence Club at PGA WEST(R). Experience value beyond measure.

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