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7 Things to do before your open house

Holding an open house is a necessary step in getting your home sold to the right buyers. However, it’s not just simply all about presentation. You need to get certain things down pat from the proper timing to the choice of home décor to ...

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Choosing the right mortgage broker

Finding the home of your dreams can be stress-free with the help of a realtor. But for managing the financial component of this process, you will need the help of a mortgage broker. This is especially so if you're not the kind who can pay f...

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8 Easy DIY home upgrades

There’s simply no truth to the myth that you need to spend a lot just to prettify your living space. With the right tools, some ingenuity, and a lot of imagination, you can actually upgrade your home’s look without breaking the bank. G...

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7 things to consider before renting a vacation home

Vacation rentals give you the opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, and feels of a location from a local perspective. Homes used for this are usually large with all the basic comforts but with lesser strain on the pockets compared to hot...

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How to deal with counter offers when buying a home

Preparing to buy a home exposes you to situations where sellers make counteroffers to your original offer. The way you handle such situations can determine whether or not the home will be yours. So, what is the ideal way of dealing with a ...

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Business Signing a Contract Buy - sell house.

Lender or Agent: Who should you talk to first?

For most first-time buyers, one of the most difficult things about the home buying process is figuring out how to get started. Many end up wasting time at the start, getting stuck wandering around in circles while thinking about what to do ...

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Modern Townhouses

5 advantages of townhome living

A townhome is an excellent option for those looking for a nice balance between single-family home living and the maintenance-free lifestyle typically offered by condos and apartments. Most townhomes are built on a small plot of land with...

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Happy Couple Surrounded By Boxes In New Home On Moving Day

Moving house: How to make it less stressful

Moving house is always an exciting experience – until it comes time for the actual move. From packing to unpacking and everything in between, it's not unreasonable to feel overwhelmed by the whole process. Thankfully, there are some easy wa...

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