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Palm Springs for the starstruck

Piazza Di Liberace

Piazza Di Liberace

The prestigious resort city of the stars, Palm Springs began hosting tourists and retirees in the 1900s. Despite the desert setting, its comfortable microclimate makes it the perfect destination for relaxation and recreation. Hotels and resorts were built to draw in the crowds – and with much success.

Among those enticed by what the city could offer were glamorous Hollywood stars and other A-listers. These personalities would stay in top-tier hotels or lease/purchase properties in Palm Springs to spend summer retreats and holiday vacations here and revel in its gorgeous, sunny atmosphere.

If you want to explore the Coachella Valley, including the La Quinta community which is less than an hour away from Palm Springs, you can learn about the stars of the past and the times they spent in the area. We at California Lifestyle Realty recommend this list of things to do here that will feed the starstruck fan in you.

Tours of celebrity homes

Among the many celebrity tour providers in the area, the most established is Palm Springs Celebrity Tours. Operating since 1963, this local touring specialist provides an approximately 2.5-hour journey that will take you through the homes of the biggest Hollywood stars, such as the Movie Colony, Old Las Palmas, Racquet Club Estates, and a number of secret locations including more than 50 homes. If you’re a fan of Hollywood greats like Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Bob Hope, you’ll surely find the tour more than worthwhile.

Filming locations

Want to step into the world of moving pictures? Visit Palm Springs’ significant filming locations that have featured since the Golden Age of Hollywood up to modern cinema blockbusters. While the casinos depicted in Palm Springs (1936) are no longer there, simply being in the desert city can give you an idea of how the area was aptly depicted in the classic film. 

Also, visit Tahquitz Canyon which was featured in 1937 Oscar winner, Lost Horizon; Elrod House which was shown in Diamonds Are Forever (1971); and 696 North Via Monte Vista – one of Liberace’s past Palm Spring homes – which was featured in Behind the Candelabra (2013).

Bonus: Seeing architectural masterpieces

Palm Springs isn’t only known for the Hollywood stars who took residence here. It also garnered distinction from the architectural community for its lovely mid-century modern homes, designed by the 20th century’s most notable architects. Their remarkable work played a significant role in attracting visitors and residents to Palm Springs, and this is what PS Architecture Tours highlights in its sightseeing endeavors. Groups can explore via bike tours, two-vehicle intensive tours (perfect for avid architecture enthusiasts), and hiking tours. 

The splendor of La Quinta

On par with the Palm Springs lifestyle, La Quinta is home to a growing number of recreation facilities and parks, as well as family-friendly events, museums, and art festivals to cap the small-city charm this area is known for. Encompassing 35 square miles, you’ll find year-round sunny climate that the local golfing community enjoys. Additionally, there’s a wide selection of outdoor activities and a fine mix of restaurants, wine bars, and retail options.

Want to have a better idea of what the Coachella Valley has in store for you? Our team of real estate experts at California Lifestyle Realty can show you around Palm Springs, La Quinta, and other nearby communities. Call us at 760.989.4631 or drop a note here so we can help you find the right community for your lifestyle.