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Why Living in a Walkable Community Works

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It’s more than just about saving the environment.

Modern life has become synonymous with a fast-paced lifestyle in so-called places that never sleep. People who are constantly on the move come to mind when we try to picture our lives today. All this hustle and bustle means movement and vehicles, be they public transportation or privately owned ones, have been essential to practically all of us. Getting from point A to point B often means having to drive or getting a ride.

Over the years, however, a growing number of people have started opting for alternative modes of transportation that don’t rely on fossil fuels. And as the number of environmentally conscious individuals increased, the push to have more pedestrian-friendly thoroughfares and communities has been getting stronger as well.

A lot of places started to adapt to this changing paradigm, of course. As more and more spaces become more accommodating and much safer for walking and cycling, we are starting to see that there’s more to this change of landscape and lifestyle that goes beyond saving our environment.

Here are just a few ways that creating walkable communities can benefit each of us.

Walkable Communities Make Us Healthier and Happier

Research shows that people who live in highly walkable communities are less likely to develop diseases like obesity, diabetes, and pulmonary and cardiac problems compared with people who live in places where they have less incentive to walk. This alone should be reason enough to opt to live in a pedestrian-friendly place. Not only are you helping stave off environmental disaster, but you’re keeping your mind, body, and spirit fit as well.

Walkable Communities Allow Us to Discover People and Places

Another great perk of living in a walkable community is that you have a chance to intimately know that community you live in. Walking gives you a closer look at places you otherwise might overlook if you’re simply driving by in a vehicle.

The more you walk around, the more you get to see, for example, brick-and-mortar stores, hole-in-the-wall shops, interesting sculptures, and street art. You may even see signs advertising upcoming events or new store openings in your area. Not only that, you can also meet more people as well and feel more a part of the community as a result.

Walkable Communities Have Greener Surroundings

Comfort is an absolute necessity for a place to be considered walkable and a lot of communities found that a very environmentally sound and practical way to solve this problem by simply planting more trees to provide shade for people. This is an absolute plus for anyone who loves being surrounded by nature.

Walkable Communities Save Us Money

Owning a vehicle will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in repairs, maintenance, and fuel consumption. So, imagine all the money you can save if you live in a community where you can get to places you need to be just by walking or biking. You’re not only saving the environment, you’re also saving a lot of cash that you can use somewhere else!

People, communities, and spaces are gradually getting a lot greener and less damaging to our planet. Being able to walk around town might not seem like a big deal, but it shows that we can change our relationship with the planet, our community, and ourselves in a positive way.

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