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Feng shui your way to a faster sale

Interior design in a new house

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of organizing space and people for ultimate harmony. It is all about directing the flow of energy in space to promote well-being and create an inviting atmosphere. If you want to sell your La Quinta real estate more quickly, borrow a few ideas from this ancient method and apply these to your home’s staging process.

The feng shui principles below are recommended to welcome positive energy in your home and increase the chances of a fast sale.

Chuck out clutter

While not seen as a necessity for feng shui, decluttering builds a good foundation for positivity and harmony in your home.

Clutter attracts and traps negative energy, leading to stress, anxiety, and a lack of focus. By clearing it, you create space between the many elements of a room. This not only lightens the look of your home but also gives your eyes a chance to relax.

An adequately decluttered home allows buyers to focus on the overall layout and space of each room and not get bogged down by oversized furniture or a seeming lack of cabinet space.

Arrange for the most freedom of movement

Do you constantly feel the need to move chairs around before entertaining guests? Or do you have to remind yourself not to bang the bedroom door against your wardrobe? If so, then the current arrangement of your furniture is hindering freedom of movement in your home.

Placement and flow are of great importance in feng shui. Organic and unobstructed pathways throughout your home—like a clear entryway—allow energy (and people) to move effortlessly. This essentially fosters a feeling of comfort and ease.

Add strategically placed furniture to that equation—chairs clustered instead of spaced out, for example—and you multiply opportunities for relaxed and intimate interactions. That’s a definite plus for buyers.

Leverage light for good chi

In Feng shui, light, especially when it’s natural, represents the strongest form of good energy. People generally pick up on this instinctively. Well-lit rooms almost always encourage bright and happy moods, in contrast to darker rooms that give a brooding feel.

To attract good chi, place lamps or mirrors in rooms that have only one source of light. (Tip: Mirrors are best hung in the dining room, near the entryway, and perpendicular to—never facing—doors.) For rooms with enough natural light, use mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Also, allow windows to let in as much light as possible through lightweight blinds and curtains.

Start saying goodbye

One unsurprisingly common obstacle that stalls the selling process is your own (sometimes unacknowledged) reluctance. When you don’t feel ready to move to a new home, you create mental blocks. They tend to manifest in negative ways, such as rejecting offers outright, digging in during negotiations, and missing important deadlines.

To get into a selling mindset, first, recognize the attachment you’ve developed with your home. Be grateful for the memories then start packing and moving out items to your new home or to a storage space. This makes your transition a more concrete reality and allows you and your family to let go and make way for a new owner.

A tidy and harmonious home is sure to attract buyers to your door. To make the sale speedy, contact us, California Lifestyle Realty, at 760.989.4631 or send us a message here. Our team of realtors in La Quinta, CA has decades of experience in selling desert community homes and a track record for delivering excellent service to our clients.