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Golden Retriever

La Quinta, CA Is a Haven for Doggos. Here’s Why.

Everyone can get in on the indoor and outdoor fun! La Quinta’s great outdoors feels like it’s begging you to explore it. With an average of 348 days of sunshine annually, the place is just perfect for grand adventures and making unfo...

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Holding hands - mom and daughter walking together in the morning

Why Living in a Walkable Community Works

It’s more than just about saving the environment. Modern life has become synonymous with a fast-paced lifestyle in so-called places that never sleep. People who are constantly on the move come to mind when we try to picture our lives ...

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View of Downtown Palm Springs, California.

Explore and experience Downtown Palm Springs

For those who want to escape the bustle of big cities like LA, the city of Palm Springs awaits you. With its warm weather and laidback vibe, Palm Springs has become a destination of choice for folks looking for a reprieve from big city livi...

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Central Park aerial view in Manhattan, New York.

Top 5 highest home sales of 2020

Luxury homes offer a unique challenge for home sellers. Due to their hefty price tag, such properties appeal to a narrow and exclusive segment of the market. If you feel you may be pricing your home way beyond most people’s reach, don’t...

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Piazza Di Liberace

Palm Springs for the starstruck

The prestigious resort city of the stars, Palm Springs began hosting tourists and retirees in the 1900s. Despite the desert setting, its comfortable microclimate makes it the perfect destination for relaxation and recreation. Hotels and res...

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a view of a lake with blue sky

Best Day Trips from La Quinta

Nothing is more romantic and enchanting than a desert oasis. At La Quinta, there’s a lot of things to do -- from grand hiking trails to historical towns and curious art pieces. Here’s a list of the best day trips you can take from the ...

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