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Public Art Around La Quinta

 Public art around La Quinta

La Quinta, a city in Riverside County, CA, is a testament to the cultural richness and character of the locale. What makes this city unique is its effortless blend of breathtaking natural scenery and numerous works of art.

These spectacular public art installations strewn all across the city would not be possible if not for the Art in Public Places Program. Streets, parks, and other public spaces in La Quinta are filled with permanent and temporary art pieces, monuments, statues, and more.

Importance of public art in La Quinta

The Art in Public Places Program is La Quinta’s way of creating a memorable visual experience that showcases its culture, environment, and artistry.

La Quinta is also dedicated toward improving the city’s social and environmental growth through public art. It works hard to preserve the area’s unique identity. It strives to create a balance between progressive development and artistic improvement. The city acknowledges the vital role art plays in cultivating the city’s character and image.

Where to find La Quinta public art pieces

Public art is not hard to find in La Quinta. There are art installations everywhere from the bus stops to the bridge railings. The more recognizable and obvious pieces are found in parks and welcome signs. The La Quinta Park, Fritz Burns Park, and Seasons Park are filled with installations that blend well with the surrounding open space.

Other artworks, meanwhile, are more discreet as they are hidden from plain sight. These can be found in bridge railings, street signs, and building facades.

Here are some of the most notable pieces throughout La Quinta:

  • The Arches

  • Found on 52nd Street between Avenida Bermudas and Desert Club Drive, the sculpture is painted in the official colors of the city. It features the Gambal’s Quail, palm trees, and the words, “City of La Quinta—Gem of the Desert” to represent the city.

  • Desert Mural

  • The piece is a 28 x 12 feet ceramic tile mural made out of six-inch tiles. It creates a picture of a beautiful desertscape complete with dunes and tumbleweed. The piece was made by Marcia Gibbons and La Quinta High School students. It can be found on the corner of Adams Street and Highway 111 at the La Quinta Car Wash.

  • Obelisks

  • Found in La Quinta Cove, the obelisks serve as both art installations and street signs. The original obelisks were placed in 1930s and were “unique and charming markers” made out of concrete with street names and cross roads.

    The newer obelisks were made during the 1990s by Peter Urbon, who used his own patented material called Urbonite. His obelisks are seven feet tall and has the city’s logo in gold leaf and reflective lettering.

  • 9-11 Memorial

  • The sculpture is to commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2009. This memorial includes a piece of steel from Ground Zero. La Quinta is the only city in the Coachella Valley that has an authentic piece of steel from the World Trade Center and Ground Zero. The memorial is found at the Civic Center Campus.

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