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Hiking Trails within Greater Palm Springs, CA

Cholla cactus garden with hiking trail, near sunset, Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

Greater Palm Springs has a reputation for being a resort hotspot, as it’s home to many five-star hotels and spas. But if your idea of relaxation is reconnecting with nature, this area has you covered, too.

The desert landscape of Greater Palm Springs offers hundreds of miles of trails for both casual and advanced trekkers. To get you started, we’ve listed some of the most popular trails in the area:

Museum Trail
Palm Springs

You begin this trail appreciating man-made art and conclude it in awe of nature’s beauty. As its name suggests, this trek begins at the Palm Springs Art Museum and winds its way through panoramic desert landscapes. The two-mile loop covers just the first leg of the Cactus-to-Clouds Trail. That’s why it’s perfect for anyone from novices to intermediate trekkers. Elevation gain is at 1,000 feet and there are some steep parts, so prepare accordingly.

Ryan Mountain
Joshua Tree National Park

Don’t be daunted by the trail’s 1,200-feet elevation—the gain is gradual so most people can easily conquer this trek. The trail ends at the peak of Ryan Mountain and from here, the surrounding rock formations will look like mere anthills. Traipsing through roughly hewn stone steps, rich desert flora, and stunning rock formations makes this trek challenging but worth it.

Andreas Canyon Trail
Indian Canyons

An oasis is the most soothing sight in the desert—and this trail takes you straight through one. You’ll encounter glorious streams that nourish lush palm groves. These same groves also serve as home to local bird species. Given the abundance of water, the Cahuilla Indians still reside in this area. The Andreas Canyon Club is also situated here, featuring 22 cabins and clubhouses all built from local stones.

Coachella Valley Preserve
Coachella Valley

This preserve was established to protect threatened species, including the endemic fringe-toe lizard. It’s also open to hikers looking to commune with nature at a more relaxed pace. Boardwalk sections, as well as palm oases and tree-lined groves, make the trek more comfortable. If you’d like to learn more about the area’s history, volunteer docents also offer guided tours.

Whitewater Canyon Loop Trail
Whitewater Preserve

People love embarking on this trail because it entails touring the Pacific Crest Trail. This awe-inspiring trail boasts of lush vegetation, awe-inspiring cliffs, and fields of wildflower. You’ll also need to cross the eponymous Whitewater River on your way down to the canyon. It’s also one of the few trails that offer “sand to snow” views since part of the terrain extends up to the Sierra Nevada.

Devil’s Slide Trail to Saddle Junction

Just an hour’s drive from Greater Palm Springs is a trail that features pine trees, log cabins, and even snow. Its 1,800-foot elevation and 6.9-mile length make it suitable for more advanced trekkers. You’ll ascend from Humber Park to Saddle Junction and encounter many switchbacks and Instagram-worthy scenery along the way. What’s more, dogs are allowed to accompany hikers on this trail.

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