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5 advantages of townhome living

Modern Townhouses

A townhome is an excellent option for those looking for a nice balance between single-family home living and the maintenance-free lifestyle typically offered by condos and apartments.

Most townhomes are built on a small plot of land within a development, with typical features such as multiple floors, shared walls between neighboring homes, and private parking spaces/garages. Most townhome developments are governed by a homeowner’s association, which establishes rules for the entire community and is in charge of maintaining some or all of the shared spaces and exteriors. Each resident of the development is a member of the homeowner’s association and pays monthly or yearly fees used for maintaining the community.

Here are five advantages you can enjoy when you’re living in a townhome:

  1. A private, maintenance-free space

    As a townhome owner, you have complete ownership of the home itself and the land it sits on. You can use this plot of land as a play space for your kids, a grilling area, a garden, or anything else you may have in mind.

    Townhome associations often provide landscaping and maintenance for a monthly fee, which can be very convenient for those who don’t have much time or aren’t too keen on doing yardwork.

  2. A tight-knit community

    Residents living within a townhome community all live close together, which tends to develop a greater sense of community and a responsibility to look out after one another. Thus, townhome developments have enhanced security compared to most single-family neighborhoods, as residents often rely on one another, alerting other members in case of any unusual activity.

  3. Less maintenance

    Maintaining a townhome requires less effort compared to a single-family home. In a typical townhome community, external maintenance is handled by the homeowner’s association. Shared driveways, parking spaces, and other common areas are also under the responsibility of the association. All a townhome owner needs to deal with are repairs and maintenance of their interiors.

  4. Access to recreational amenities

    Townhome residents get access to different amenities and common areas that are also maintained by the homeowner’s association, which hires contractors to make sure everything’s in tip-top condition.

    Townhome amenities usually include swimming pools, playgrounds, dog parks, clubhouses, tennis facilities, and other recreational features.

  5. Affordability

    Townhomes offer the same financial advantages while generally being more affordable compared to single-family homes within the same neighborhoods. Townhome residents usually pay lower utility bills, as the shared walls tend to do an excellent job of preventing heat/air-conditioning loss. There’s also less out of pocket maintenance expenses required than a single-family home.

    A townhome community offers the feel of single-family home living at a more affordable price and with less maintenance involved. They can also be a very ideal option especially in densely populated communities where land is at a premium.

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